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Lately this blog has either been all personal posts, Harry Potter stuff, or American Horror Story related….and I’m not sorry. 

I think I am ready to attempt a relationship again. 

I have been wearing my sterling silver bat ring on my left hand ring finger, to remind myself that my goals, my dreams, my ambitions, come before anyone else’s this time, until that ring is replaced, and I am married to someone else. 

I got an apartment today. I’m signing the official paperwork tomorrow. My roommate is the lovely (http://katmiiamore.tumblr.com)

I have basically eliminated everyone from the dating pool now. 

I was still texting two more guys from craigslist. 

  1. Let me know he had a 10 month old on accident
  2. Let me know he had a number of misdemeanors and a felony, plus an ex wife

Tried to hang out with some guys I used to go to middle school with tonight and catch a few drinks. 

Ended up just going to pick them up and be a babysitter. 

I don’t really mind. I much rather be a DD than have any of my friend’s drive drunk. It just wasn’t the fun I had hoped for. I also found out none of them were really my type of dateable. 

I redownloaded all of the old dating apps, and reconnected my Facebook. Kat’s going to get a kick out of it, but I started talking to a guy in Nashville off of Tinder too. We FaceTimed tonight, and it was pretty awesome. 

I miss Rafi. I haven’t been able to talk to him in forever. 

Australia come faster!


Luis Ricardo Falero 
Witches going to their sabbath (1878) details  

Luis Ricardo Falero 

Witches going to their sabbath (1878) details  

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I want a giant dog so bad

Can I be each of u

I want thatvpoodle

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Oh I laughed so hard….

oh my fucking god

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favourite coven screencaps [11-12/250]

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To all my lovelies, 

You may not realize it, but I have stayed hard at work.

I have revamped “the ask page”, and “the submit page” on both blogs.

The playlist on both blogs is up to 87 songs now. (Over 6 hours of music for you to rock out to!)

I am working on an “About Me/Bio” page for my personal blog. I’ve been working hard on it for a while now. It isn’t to my level of perfection, to put up yet, however. 

Also, I am working on a new co-run blog that will be appearing soon, once it gets up to my required level of perfectionism. 




Tru story, bruh. Happened on my first Craigslist date.

Tru story, bruh. Happened on my first Craigslist date.

Did I mention I pimped out my laptop too? Steampunk and gears sleeve, cosmic paisley keyboard sleeve, HD Luna Lovegood background, and pointillism personal sign in icon.

Working on sewing the patches on my new laptop case. Potter forever!

Working on sewing the patches on my new laptop case. Potter forever!